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Communication and Journalism Department (CJD)

The Communication and Journalism Department (CJD) focuses on the study of the mass mediated communication theories, principles and structure, techniques and processes, aesthetics, functions, and effects of mass media and advocacy development. The Department provides a strong foundation for graduate school as well as career opportunities in advertising, public relations, and media production.

True to its mission, the CJD will prepare and help students learn practical and creative application, theories, concepts and structure, principles and techniques, responsibilities and effects of the mass media.

To achieve such mission, the CJD adheres to fulfilll the following:
  • To provide students with appropriate training for careers in communication
  • To help students become more critical consumers and producers of the media
  • To provide students broad and diverse course work in advertising, journalism, public relations and communication studies
  • To offer high-quality educational programs which enable students to become critical thinkers and effective, ethical communicators
  • To use practical, innovative experiences and partnerships to prepare students for successful communication careers
  • To maintain and enhance strong relationships with alumni and community leaders, particularly from the business, government, and the non-profit sectors

Core Values

Truthful and Trustworthy

We emphasize the need to be honest and truthful in the compliance of assignments and class activities/requirements. It means that students faithfully indicate the source of outputs and strongly refrain from plagiarism, copying and using previous works as well as using other dubious sources. Being trustworthy is a value most desired in communication profession. Principals, clients and sources of information should be able to trust every professional.

Thorough and Thinker

This means that a student is trained not only to be methodical but also factual and detailed. He/she should produce outputs that are not only well-crafted but well-thought of as well. Students are guided by the principle of "doing ordinary things extraordinarily well and right." Excellence must be the hallmark.

Time-driven and Task-oriented

These core values emphasize the importance of timeliness and urgency of the assigned task to meet the requirement of freshness, immediacy and integrity. Students must be trained to accomplish certain tasks no matter what and to be dedicated to their duty.

Team-player and Trailblazer

A student must be able to play well as a leader or as a team member guided by the principles of harmony, cooperation and synergy. This is one core value most expected and desired in any work place for communication professionals. Being a trailblazer is to seek new ways and means, to use creativity, to take risks and to be daring, and to cultivate a spirit of innovations and a strong sense of enterprise.

Technically-prepared and Techno-savvy

These are dimensions which are best cultivated by exposure of students to new technology. He/she must be well-prepared to understand not only the theories and principles but the actual applications as well. He/she must therefore be ready to use technology to his advantage.

Advisers and Committees

Academic Class Advisers
  • COM 1st Year - Ms. Isolde E. Valera
  • COM 2nd Year - Ms. Isolde E. Valera
  • COM 3rd Year - Ms. Maria Nornelyn L. Cachuela
  • COM 4th Year - Ms. Brenda F. Martinez
  • JOU 2nd Year - Ms. Isolde E. Valera
  • JOU 3rd Year - Ms. Maria Nornelyn L. Cachuela
  • JOU 4th Year - Ms. Brenda F. Martinez
Program Council Adviser
  • Broadcast Journalism Program Council (BJPC) - Mr. Artin G. Umali
  • Communication Program Council (CPC) - Ms. Maria Nornelyn L. Cachuela

Faculty and Staff


  • Program Development Committee (program coordinators, curriculum, library, and IMP)* Ms. Brenda F. Martinez

  • Research, Ethics, and IP Committee* Ms. Maria Nornelyn L. Cachuela

  • QA Committee* Mr. Artin G. Umali

  • Faculty /Staff Development Committee* Mr. Artin G. Umali

  • Student Development Committee* Ms. Isolde E. Valera

  • External Affairs Committee (Linkages, Community Outreach, Events)* Mr. Marco M. Polo

  • Creative Course Committee* Ms. Rosanni R. Sarile

  • Physical Facilities and Acquisition Committee* Mr. Artin G. Umali

  • Faculty Association Representative (CJD Representative)* Ms. Isolde E. Valera

  • Spiritual Committee (CJD Representative)* Ms. Maria Nornelyn L. Cachuela

  • Linkages Committee Head (CLAC Representative to the Institutional Committee)* Ms. Brenda F. Martinez

  • PR Council Head (CLAC Representative to the Institutional Committee)* Mr. Marco M. Polo


Communication and Journalism Department
Julian Felipe Hall
DLSU - Dasmariñas
Cavite, Philippines 4115

For questions and inquiries:
email the CJD Secretariat

Cavite +63 (46) 481.1900 local 3108
Manila +63 (2) 779.5180