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College of Education Graduate School (COEdGS)

The COEd Graduate Studies is one of the components of DLSU-D jointly managed by the Brothers of the Christian Schools and their lay partners.

Guided by the Lasallian values of Faith, Zeal for service, and Communion in mission, the COEd Graduate Studies aims to further inculcate in the hearts and minds of the students the significance of graduate studies and the role of teachers and administrators who have:

  • strong faith in God thereby imbuing students with faith, zeal for service and communion in mission;
  • the values of integrity, morality, humaneness, and social justice which promote and establish sound relationships among their fellowmen;
  • have genuine concern in the promotion and preservation of Filipino beliefs, values and ideals which in turn, intensifies their pride for their country and people; and
  • the determination to strive for academic excellence and pursuit of quality and relevant researches towards a distinct culture of research.

The COEd Graduate Studies seeks to strengthen and maintain quality education, with its focus on community spirit and lifelong learning by:

  • keeping abreast with the modern trends in education and technology espoused with time-tested methodologies that can develop quality graduates;
  • engaging extensively in research along the various fields of Educational Management, School and Community Counseling, Guidance and Counseling, Language Education, Religious and Values Education, Special Education and Physical Education;
  • conducting classrosom activities that initiate proactive interaction and utilization of higher level of thinking; and
  • employing competent professors who have deep commitment to human development.


Doctor of Philosophy, major in Educational Management

The program equips research-oriented educators/administrators with sound philosophical theories and practices in educational management and leadership attuned to the needs and demands of a highly globalized society.

Doctor of Philosophy in Counseling with specialization in School and Community Counseling

The program offers extensive course work and relevant learning opportunities through advanced methods and techniques of assessment and full array of intervention practices in school and community counseling to continuously develop professionals as researchers, policy makers, human resource managers/ specialists in the academe/industry/community.

Master of Arts in Education, major in Educational Management

The program prepares educators and would-be school administrators with functional philosophies, theories, research-based management practices based on the needs of the academic community of the region and the countryl, with emphasis on administration and supervision of schools.

Master of Arts in Education, major in Guidance and Counseling

The program equips graduate students with varied appropriate counseling theories and strategies, thereby developing competent, confident and compassionate research oriented guidance counselors in the academe/industry/government settings.

Master of Arts in Education, major in Religious & Values Education

The program forms religious and values educators who will serve the Church and the nation as effective facilitators of integral human development and social transformation.

Master of Arts in Education, major in Special Education

The program equips teachers and professionals with knowledge, values and skills to handle and teach exceptional children. It aims to form competent and professionally trained teachers for exceptional children.

Master of Arts in Education, Major in Physical Education

The program aims to nurture and prepare students for a professional career in the field of education. By providing an educational experience that includes a wide choice of academic cultivation and movement activities, the program is dedicated to develop professionals who will become contributing members of the community and an asset to the field. Likewise, the program is aimed towards providing state of the art facilities, resources, and experiences, as well as attaining the education required to fulfill the specialization in the teaching of physical education and sports.

Admission Policy

General Admission Policies
  1. Submit two copies of all requirements below.
  2. Pass an interview to be conducted by the COEd Graduate Studies Director and/or the Dean of the College of Education or his/her representative.
  3. Have a grade point average (GPA) of 2.50 or its equivalent in the undergraduate course for application in the master’s degree and 3.00 or its equivalent in the master’s degree for application in the doctoral program. A student who has obtained a GPA lower than 2.50 for master’s degree or 3.00 for a doctoral program may be allowed to enroll on probationary status for two semesters/terms or upon the recommendation of the COEd Graduate Studies Director to the Dean. However, he/she has to maintain a passing GPA in two (2) successive semesters after his/her admission in a graduate program.
  4. Pass the Graduate Admission Examination (aptitude and psychological) for the respective courses. If he/she is a De La Salle Philippines school alumni, faculty or employees, he/she is exempted from taking the test.
  5. Check with the office of the COEd Graduate Studies Director the entrance examination results two (2) weeks after the examination date or when asked to do so.
  6. Sign a waiver for a conditional admission to the program if the entrance examination result is below average.
  1. Filled out Application Form
  2. Transcript of Records with Special Order (S.O.)
  3. Four latest passport size pictures with white background
  4. Photocopy of college diploma-for masteral applicants; and both college and master’s degree diplomas for doctoral applicants
  5. Birth Certificate-NSO-original
  6. Marriage Certificate (for married female applicants)-NSO-original
  7. Recommendation Letters from two individual personalities
  8. Certificate of Employment and Permit to Study (from present employer)
Requirements for Foreign Students The foreign student applicant must:
  1. Pass all the admission requirements given by the Center for Student Admissions (CSA) and the Office of the University Registrar.
  2. Pay to the University’s Accounting Office the admission fee of $500 (for both permanent resident alien and transient alien).
  3. Pass the English proficiency test.
* Note: Items 1-3: Certificate in Teaching Program applicants / 1-9: for graduate student-applicants Procedure
  1. Non-DLSP school alumni, faculty, or employee will be referred to the CSA for the schedule of Entrance Test.
  2. A student or student-applicant must complete all the requirements indicated above in two copies – one original and one photocopy.
  3. The ORIGINAL COPY of the requirements should be submitted first to CSA before the Student Number /Enrolment Permit will be given to the new student. These requirements will be placed inside the Student Jacket to be forwarded to the Registrar’s Office for filing/safekeeping.
  4. The PHOTOCOPY of all the requirements (similar to the documents submitted to CSA including a photocopy of the application form) should be put inside a long folder to be passed to the concerned department (COEdGS, CSCSGS, CLACGS,CEATGS,CCJEGS & CBAAGS) for filing.
  5. A student can proceed to the actual enrolment procedure upon COMPLETION of ALL REQUIREMENTS.
Effectivity : 1st Semester SY 2011-2012

Calendar of Activities

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Calendar of Activities pdf


Forms Download
Letter of Recommendation pdf
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Faculty and Staff

  • Dr. Paterno S. Alcartado
  • Dr. Judith D. Aldaba
  • Dr. Venicris M. Alonsozana
  • Judge Franco Paulo R. Arago
  • Dr. Sonia M. Atienza
  • Dr. Ayuk A. Ayuk
  • Dr. Cecilia B. Banaag
  • Dr. Isaias A. Banaag
  • Dr. Myrna R. Batino
  • Dr. Henry L. Bernardo
  • Dr. Marites E. Burgos
  • Dr. Lualhati O. Cadavedo
  • Dr. Manuel G. Camarse
  • Dr. Laura R. Campos
  • Dr. Reynaldo Nuelioto Q. Canlas
  • Dr. Isabelita C. Celestino
  • Dr. Alvin D. Crudo
  • Dr. Reynaldo G. Cruz
  • Dr. Fanny A. Cuyos
  • Dr. Roslin M. De Ala
  • Dr. Jemerson N. Dominguez
  • Dr. Gabriel Archemedez Y. Flores
  • Dr. Gil A. Ellema
  • Dr. Paquito F. Garcia
  • Dr. Rosalinda G. Garibay
  • Dr. Gladiolus M. Gatdula
  • Dr. Sonia M. Gementiza
  • Dr. Marie Gethsemanie P. Hilario
  • Dr. Paulito V. Hilario
  • Dr. Mario B. Hubilla Jr.
  • Dr. Olivia M. Legaspi
  • Dr. Ma. Cecilia D. Licuan
  • Dr. Alberto E. Lupisan
  • Dr. Josefina G. Madrid
  • Dr. Reynaldo S. Mariano
  • Dr. Ann Margaret T. Martin
  • Dr. Kathryn M. Medina
  • Dr. Priscilla L. Miñas
  • Dr. Cristeta M. Montano
  • Dr. Julian R. Montano
  • Dr. Susan T. Mostajo
  • Dr. Victoria R. Pamienta
  • Dr. Mariano Thomas S. Ramirez
  • Dr. Myrna F. Ramos
  • Dr. Emmanuel L. Resurreccion
  • Dr. Marco S. Saez
  • Dr.Maria Rosario U. Salibay
  • Dr. Esteban T. Salibay, Jr.
  • Dr. Necitas F. Sayoto
  • Dr. Manuela S. Tolentino
  • Dr. Felinore Angelica H. Valera
  • Dr. Lina D. Varias

Graduate Studies Secretary: Ms. Luisa S. Abiador


College of Education Graduate School
103 Felipe Calderon Hall
DLSU - Dasmariñas
Cavite, Philippines 4115

For questions and inquiries:
email the COEdGS Secretariat

Cavite +63 (46) 481.1900 local 3143 or 3092
Manila +63 (2) 779.5180