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ETS dubs LLC as model language center in RP

by Language Learning Center

Posted on March 07, 2013 at 4:39:13 PM

De La Salle University Dasmariñas

The Educational Testing Service (ETS) has commended the Language Learning Center as a model language center in the Philippines for the English language development of DLSU-D students.

In an official correspondence of ETS to Dr. Olivia M. Legaspi, Vice Chancellor for Academics and Research, John Kochanski, ETS Global Division Director, writes:

“LLC’s strategic and pedagogical review on the findings and the significance it has placed on the use of TOEIC tests is a true reflection of the University’s mission to enhance the learning and global competitiveness of its graduates.”

TOEIC results have been material to LLC towards establishing DLSU-D students’ critical correlates of English language proficiency. The results generated served as a key mechanism for grading students’ English language abilities and for designing appropriate intervention lessons for the module Communication in the Workplace Context for Graduates. LLC has also been tapped to be an official consultant of ETS in the Philippines beginning January 2012.

LLC Director of Studies Christopher Gabriel and LLC Programs and Communications Officer Alvin Nabayra are current materials developers for the National University of Singapore (NUS)-TEMASEK Foundation project titled, Capability of English Language Curriculum Developers for Professional Communication for University Faculty in ASEAN Universities.

Gabriel and Nabayra who hold international teaching certifications from the University of Cambridge are involved in this three-year project which is a joint initiative between NUS and Temasek Foundation (Singapore). It is participated in by several tertiary institutions from the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia and Singapore. It aims to enhance the capabilities of English Language policy makers and university faculty to develop teaching materials that address current gaps in contextualizing the learning of English as a second or foreign language for professional communication in Southeast Asia.

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