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DLSU-D Summer Sports Clinic 2015

by Physical Education Department

Posted on , March 12, 2015 at 9:26:44 AM

De La Salle University Dasmariñas

The Physical Education Department once again launches the Summer Sports Clinic from April 6-20, 2015.

Since 2007, this program has been consistently pushed by the department to promote physical wellness among the young. This year, the sports program added aero jam, aqua aero and chess.

The Summer Sports Clinic aims to:
  1. Instill in the minds of the participants the importance and desirable values which can be acquired or developed thru participation in sports or dance related activities;
  2. Provide opportunity to develop skills to highest possible level;
  3. Offer alternative learning pastime activities for students;
  4. Promote social experience by meeting other people;
  5. Empower the participants by giving them the “edge to survive,” develop self-defense, improve grace and fitness; and
  6. Encourage the participants to be involved in lifetime sports and fitness related activities.
The culminating activity is on April 20. Here is the intended ratio of Instructor and students.
  1. Swimming
    • Basic Water Safety - 1:15 maximum of 30 enrollees – 2 instructors
    • Basic Swimming - 1:25 maximum of 60 enrollees – 2 instructors
    • Advance Course - 1:25 maximum of 20 enrollees – 1instructor
    Note: Enrollees will be screened by the instructor to determine their level of skills.
  2. Karatedo - maximum of 30 enrollees
  3. Aero Jam
  4. Basketball - 1:30 maximum of 60 enrollees - 2 instructors
  5. Volleyball - 1:30 Maximum of 60 Enrollees – 2 instructors
  6. Aqua aero - maximum of 30 enrollees
The DLSU-D Summer Sports Clinic instructors will come from our pool of faculty and coaches.

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