Partial List of Textbooks 2nd sem SY 2016-2017
Date: 9 January 2017

Title:  Statistics and Probability

Author: Rene R. Belecina, Elisa S. Baccay. Efren B. Mater

Subject: Statistics and Probability

Price: 518.00

Title:  Protecting Lives, Saving Communities (Disaster Preparedness and Risk Reduction in the Philippines Settings)

Author: Emmanuel M. Luna

Subject: Disaster Readiness and Risk Reduction

Price: 285.00

Title: General Biology 1

Author: Peter J. Russel, et al

Subject: General Biology 1

Price: 835.00

Title:  Pre-Calculus

Author: Anthony Cuenco, et al

Subject: Pre-Calculus

Price: 398.00

Title:  Pagbasa at Pagsusuri

Author: Heidi C. Atanacio

Subject: Pagbabasa at Pagsusuri ng ibat ibang Teksto sa Pananaliksik

Price: 275.00

Title: VOCTEC (Computer System Servicing)  Module 1  (NOT YET AVAILABLE)

Authors:  Armando Arao, Avonn Nova, Jaime Caro

Subject: Computer System Servicing NCII (Specialized Subject)

Price: TBA

Title:  Stay With Us, Lord! (Revelation and Faith) (NOT YET AVAILABLE)

Author: Fr. Richard A. Panganiban PhD, Fr. Crispin U. de Guzman SThD

Subject: Christian Values

Price: TBA

Title:  Organization and Management

Author: Cynthia A. Zarate

Subject: Organization and Management

Price: 398.00

Title: Practical Research 1 (NOT YET AVAILABLE)

Authors:  Stella Marquez-Fong and Cezar Tigno

Subject: Practical Research 1

Price: TBA

Title:  Disciplines and Ideas in the Social Sciences (NOT YET AVAILABLE)

Author: Mary Dorothy Jose and Jerome Ong

Subject: Disciplines and Ideas in the Social Sciences

Price: TBA

Title:  E-Tech

Subject: Empowerment Technologies

Price: 700.00


The Senior High School prescribed textbooks will be available at the National Bookstore East Campus. Payments will be coursed through the National Bookstore. Please direct all inquiries to National Bookstore East Campus through (02) 779-5180 or (046) 481-1900 loc 3067.