Locker Reservation for 2nd Semester
Date: 12 January 2017

The College of Tourism and Hospitality Management Student Council (CTHMSC) is re-opening the use of their collegiate lockers to Senior High School for the 2nd semester of AY 2016-2017.

Please refer to the procedures below.

In processing the student lockers, the following are to be observed.

  1. Only the 180 student lockers at the 3rd floor of CTHM building will be assigned for the use of the students of Senior High School.
  2. Comply with all the requirements to be entitled for a locker rental.
    1. Online Registration
    2. The students are required to register online. The first 180 students to register will be included in the official list of those who are to rent the lockers. Registration site:

    3. Documents
    4. The students are required to submit the following documents upon payment:

      • Photocopy of student ID (front and back)
      • Photocopy of Certificate of Registration (COR)
      • Printed and Signed Student-Locker-Agreement-Form (Original and Duplicate) on legal-sized paper. See Student Locker Agreement Form.
    5. Payment
    6. The students shall pay the rental fee of Php250 to a student council officer ONLY and have the Agreement form signed alongside the submission of the required documents.

      An acknowledgement receipt will be given after the payment.

  3. Schedule of locker processing.
    • January 09-12 Clearance of all lockers in use
    • January 13-14 Vacation of uncleaned lockers by CTHMSC (Locker Agreement No. 14)
    • January 16-19 Online Registration
    • January 23-27 Payment and Submission of Documents
  4. The submission of all requirements and documents will be done at the CTHMSC Office at CIH305 and shall be with the supervision by an SC officer. Students who will submit the requirements will be asked to fill out the log and record sheets provided by the officer.
  5. NOTE: Failure to comply the said requirements on the dates given will void the slot of the student on the official list (from the online registration) to rent a locker. The slots shall be open for the rest of the students following the list.

    For questions and concerns, visit the CTHMSC Office at CIH305.

    Download Student-Locker-Agreement-Form