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Information and Communications Technology Center (ICTC)

The Information and Communications Technology Center (ICTC) handles the technical and systems development of university processes involving the areas information systems, network, technical services, and web development. Specifically, it initiates automation projects with student and faculty processes as top priority. It is also involved in the expansion of IT infrastructure and hardware, maintenance and upgrade of computer laboratories, regular upgrading of internet bandwidth and workstations, IT training, and technical support.

General Information

De La Salle University - Dasmariñas has been constantly taking measures to sustain the high quality of education it has been known to provide. These measures include the purchase and usage of state-of-the-art equipment, construction of major infrastructure, and modification of academic programs and curriculum.

In all these efforts, information technology has rendered a vital role. Realizing the importance of information technology in all university processes, the administration formed a technical and systems development group that would provide the basic IT needs of the academic community in 1996. It was officially named Information Technology Center (ITC) in 1997.

Since then, it has been tasked to concentrate on four main areas: information systems, network, technical services, and web development. That same year, the center devised a five-year development plan concentrating on office automation, IT infrastructure, staff development, and web page development.

At present, 90 per cent of its original plan for automation has been accomplished, with major student and faculty processes as the priority. The expansion of IT infrastructure and hardware which includes 1.5 km intranet fiber connection, installation of computer laboratories, and regular upgrading of internet bandwidth and workstations has been accomplished ahead of schedule due to aggressive efforts and increasing demand. IT training and technical support were given to ICT's developing teams to ensure that the center's IT specialists are kept up to date and that skills and other resources are optimized.



Over more than a decade, the ICT Center has been creating and providing IT solutions and services all for the gain of the DLSU-D community. Focusing on the innovating thrust of the university, the Center has been initiating projects and working hand in hand with the vital offices to efficiently automate, digitize, spead up and deliver processes within the university.

Major Projects of the ICT Center

  • Payroll System Initiated back in 2005, the Payroll System was created to easily facilitate payroll matters and processes. It eases up and accurately prepares and documents financial allotment for the university personnel. The system will soon include modules for the part-time faculty and overload pay.

  • Human Resource Information System Formerly Faculty Information System(FIS) in 2005, the HRIS has now become one of the largest and most functional databanking system. This system is used for documenting employee data which are intended and useful for research, data work, statistics and PAASCU preparation and documentation.

  • Online Staff Evaluation This online, paperless evaluation that scraps the laborious, traditional data collection is the most recent projects of the Information Systems Unit. It was started August 2012; the target implementation is on January 2013. This can be accessed by the staff through their my.DLSUD portal.

  • Online Enrollment Conceptualized in 2007, the Online Enrollment (OnE) was fully implemented in 2008. In the span of 5 years, a number of improvements have been executed by the Database Management Unit, in close tie up with the Office of the Registrar to support the needs of students and to improve the enrollment procedure.

  • Online Application of Scholarship Implemented 1st semester SY 2012-2013, the Online Application of Scholarship was crafted by the Database Management Unit for the Scholarship Office to quickly and systematically carry out the scholarship application procedure. Integrated in the Online Enrollment (OnE), the system includes submission and evaluation of requirements. Now on phase 3, the project will be covering the deliberation procedure which will eventually ease the approval portion of the procedure. This innovation strengthens the scholarship thrust of the University.

  • Document Management Systems Another ongoing project of the Database Management is the Document Management System that intends to digitize all student-related documents received and handled by the Office of the Registrar, the repository of student documents. Aside from the digital, centralized safekeeping, retrieval and tracking of documents will be a lot easier.

  • Online Grades Submission One of the Center's pride is the creation of the Online Grades Submission (OSG) utilized by the teaching faculty and viewed by the students. This initiative is advantageous to the target clients as the faculty could easily and securely upload the grades and are spared from the many forms to fill out; students, on the other hand, get to see their grades without having to personally go to the registrar or their respective professors. The project began in 2005 and is now being utilized that even made the enrollment procedure easier than usual. The latest add up are the prelim and midterm grades.

  • University Website Initiated in 1999, over the years, the university website has become one of the most potent doors to DLSU-D. From a hub of academic and offices information, the website has expanded its scope and enhanced its web prominence with recent developments of web applications that all in all render quality and aced services to the community and web visitors as well. Looks and contents were not the only facets that evolved and innovated but online services, communication media, and other aesthetics and functionalities. The latest version of the website was launched together with its domain name www.dlsud.edu.ph September 2010.

  • my.DLSUD Portal The portal is one of the most vital gateways for the many information and transactions students, staff and faculty need. Created and tailored to the users, the portal makes them transact university-related dealings easier. With the automated features and services and newest, vital information made available through the university’s IT resources, the community, including the parents, will be well-informed and connected. It includes grades, schedules, exams, tuition fee details, schoolbook, announcements, discussion board, curriculum, online enrollment, among others. Version 4.0 was recently launched June of 2012; the latest portal created is the staff portal.

  • Alumni Portal Web Unit devised the Alumni Portal for the Alumni Relations and Placement Office February 2007. The system enables the university to track and assist its alumni in looking for jobs, and bolster the alumni's link with the university's partner companies. It can be navigated from the Alumni webpage that the Unit likewise designed, together with a content management system for the ARPO's announcement posting.

  • Content Management Systems To make documents and information available online and aid offices in managing procedures, Web Unit generated different content management systems. The ones being used and enjoyed are the CMS for the Office of the VCAR, Campus Ministry Office, ARPO, and AEA. Latest of which this 2012 is the CMS of the Office of the Registrar utilized for posting of important announcements, dates and information.

  • Online Job Request This is an online feature that enables the community to report to the Helpdesk malfunctioning equipment and gadgets, glitches, bugs, system maintenance request for attention, repair, checking and maintenance of the different units of the Center. The project was developed by the Web Unit on June 2009 and was totally revised and enhanced this 2012. June 2009

  • Electronic Media Service (EMS) Online Started out July 2005, the EMS online provides an avenue for students and faculty to make reservations for rooms and equipment of the Aklatang Emilio Aguinaldo. This assists the delivery of an up-to-date and more efficient learning and instruction.

  • Migration to new telephone system With the establishment of a new infrastructure backbone which supports both the telephone and the data system, internet connection at the Administration building has been increased to support 10G capacity, which is expected to be echoed throughout campus once the system reaches full implementation. With the new the 100 lines of ISDN provided by the PLDT, fielding of calls has become more convenient and effective for Communications personnel of the University. Administration offices have also switched to digital phones which enable them to hold teleconferences remotely.

  • Installation of IP cameras In order to secure the University's books against vandals, the ICTC facilitated the installation of 52 cameras in Buildings 1 and 2 of the Aklatang Emilio Aguinaldo. Several offices are also in line to avail of the same for security purposes.

  • Maximization of University bandwidth The installation of a new firewall as well as the improved management of the University's bandidth now allows users to access social media sites as well as other sites that have been previously blocked by the Network Administrators. This has also enabled the Network and COmmunications Unit to use 60 MB of the bandwidth without additional costs to the University as compared to the 14MB that was previously opened up to users.

IT Policies

The Information and Communications Technology Center's Office Improvement and Process Review (OIPR) Unit has compiled and reviewed some of the most significant policies and procedures of the center to come up with a compilation that will be the backbone of the center's operation. These documents were initially reviewed and presented to the IT Committee for comments and suggestions. Upon the approval of the committee, the OIPR converts the documents into a format that is patterned after the ISO 9001:2000 Standard. Some of the policies and procedures which are to be implemented throughout the institution were presented to the Academic Council or Operations Council for approval.

The streamlining of the center's processes is brought about by the drive to improve the services being offered to the university. It also aims to standardize and document the processes for proper coordination and execution.

Policies Download
IT - 007 Intranet Policy pdf
IT - 010 Policy on the Use of Internet Service pdf
IT - 011 Policy on the Use of DLSU-D Email Account pdf
IT - 021 Violation of IT Policies pdf
IT - 028 Access Control and Password Security pdf
IT - 031 Guidelines on Requesting Additional Internet Connection pdf
IT - 034 Preventive Maintenance pdf
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IT Personnel

Downloadable Forms

Job Request pdf
Network Cabling pdf
Telephone Direct Line Request pdf
Telephone Unit Evaluation pdf
User Access & Password Application pdf
Website Posting Agreement (web) pdf
Event Submission (web) pdf
News Story Submission (web) pdf
Preventive Maintenance Checklist pdf
IT Equipment Evaluation pdf
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