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Social Sciences Department (SSD)

The Social Sciences Department (SSD) is a servicing unit directly under the College of Liberal Arts and Communication, consisting of six disciplines namely: Political Science, Philosophy, and Sociology-Anthropology, Economics and History. SSD has four program offerings: Development Studies, Community Development, Political Science and Philosophy. The department's strength primarily lies on the vigorous, creative and dynamic faculty members who excel in their fields of specialization as they teach and conduct research within the context of critical analysis, rational actions and dedicated community service.


Our vision is to become an instrument in developing the political, economic and social consciousness of the whole academe as well as the community it serves. We hope to cultivate among our students good citizenship as we promote justice, peace, equity and respect for human rights.

The faculty of the Social Sciences Department (SSD), united by the different disciplines of Political Science, Philosophy, Development Studies, Community Development, History, Economics and Sociology-Anthropology, are seekers of God’s will, zealous in giving service to others and in constant communion with humanity, participating in liberating minds and creating a life of solidarity for social change and transformation through a learner-centered instruction, a socially focused research, a community-based extension and re-oriented linkages.

Research Thrust

SSD believes that research is one of the pillars of the academic institution. It is a source of new ideas, theories and explanations for the development of the society. We take part in research, in line with the University’s Research Agenda and the College Research Roadmap, towards the role of an academic institution in fostering development, introduction of technology, scientific innovations and trailblazing studies in the development of several key points of great concern to the provincial development goals. We are targeting mutual cooperation between DLSU-D and the provincial government wherein areas as economic planning, development studies, eco-tourism, information technology, histourism, among others will be explored by the department according to the respective specializations and technical expertise of the faculty members.

Advisers and Committees

S.Y. 2016-2017 | Advisers
  • AB Political Science 2-1
    Precia, Jr. Jose L.

  • AB Political Science III-1
    Atienza, Jesse L.

  • AB Political Science III-2
    Garcia, Aquino I.

  • AB Political Science IV-1
    Dr. Rocina, Jose Aims R.

  • AB Political Science IV-2
    Lineses, Edwin F.

  • AB Development Studies II
    Dr. Mallari, Jan Phillip D.

  • AB Development Studies III&IV
    Lleno, Chealyn J.

  • AB Philosophy I-IV
    Dr. Reyes, Jing R.

  • AB Community Development I-IV
    Arciaga, Anacoreta P
    Program Development Committee - Program/Subject Coordinators Creative Course Committee
    * Program/Subject Coordinators
    Research, Ethics and IP Committee
    1. Camiloza, Loreto G.
    2. Dr. Aguilar, Ma. Virginia G.
    3. Dr. Mallari, Jan Phillip D.
    4. Dr. Tenorio, Jose Alejandro S.
    Physical Facilities and Acquisition
    * Chair and Secretary
    1. Mr. Estrada, Rafael Julius D.
    2. Mr. Garnace, Edgardo B.
    Q.A. Committee
    1. Dr. Aspra, Mark Edwin T.
    2. Mr. Esternon, Bernard F.
    3. Mr. Garcia, Aquino I.
    4. Mr. Lineses, Edwin F.
    5. Dr. Macarandang, Gilbert E.
    External Affairs Committee
    1. Dr. Aguilar, Maria Virginia G.
    2. Ms. Arciaga, Anacoreta P.
    3. Dr. Calairo, Emmanuel F.
    4. Medina, Jesus A.
    5. Mujal, Rhuda M.
    6. Dr. Rocina, Jose Aims R.
    Faculty/Staff Development Committee
    1. Dr. Buenaventura, Luis Carmelo L.
      -Head, Spiritual Committee

    2. Mr. Dotillos, Pedro T.
    3. Mr. Lubang, Jeffrey A.
    4. Mr. Medina, Jesus A.
      -Heads, Faculty Development Committee

    5. Ruben, Roland Lorenzo M.
      -FSB Representative

    6. Dr. Iya, Palmo R. (Head)

    7. Dr. Rocina, Jose Aims R.
      Wellness Program
    Grievance Committee
    1. Dr. Besa, Jr. Federico B.
    2. Mr. Mazo, Rommel M.
    3. Mr. Mujal, Rhuda M.
    4. Ms. Perez, Evelyn D.
    5. Mr. Precia, Jr. Jose L.
    6. Dr. Tenorio, Jose Alejandro S.
    Student Development Committee
    * Program/Class Advisers
    F.A. Representative
    * Mr. Jose L. Precia Jr.
    Program Coordinators
    • PSC – Mr. Atienza, J.
    • PHI – Dr. Aspra, M.
    • DES – Dr. Mallari, P
    • CDM – Ms. Arciaga, A.
    Program Council Adviser
    • PSC – Mr. Atienza, J.
    • PHI – Dr. Aspra, M.
    • DES – Ms. Lleno, C.
    • CDM – Ms. Arciaga, A.
    Academic Advisers
    • PSC II-1 – Mr. Precia, Jr. J.
    • PSC III-1 – Mr. Atienza, J.
    • PSC III-2 – Mr. Garcia, A.
    • PSC IV-1 – Dr. Rocina, A.
    • PSC IV-2 – Mr. Lineses, E.
    • DES II – Dr. Mallari, P.
    • DES III&IV – Ms. Lleno, C.
    • PHI II-IV – Dr. Reyes, J.
    • CDM II-IV – Ms. Arciaga, A.
    Subject Coordinators
    • SOSC101 – Ms. Mujal, R.

    • SOSC103 – Mr. Medina, J.

    • SOSC106 – Dr. Rocina, A.

    • SOSC107 – Ms. Lleno, C.

    • PHLO101 – Dr. Besa, F. Jr.

    • PHLO102 – Ms. Perez, E.

    • PHLO103 and 103a – Dr. Tenorio, A.

    • BESC102 – Dr. Aguilar, M.

    • BESC103 – Dr. Buenaventura, L.

    • BESC105 – Mr. Ruben, R.


Flowcharts Download
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AB Philosophy welcomes students to the world of ideas. The program equips them with the necessary skills in contributing to society and nation through its emphasis on good reasoning, critical thinking, creativity and effective communication. Students are challenged to live out their commitment to pursue knowledge and truth.
AB Political Science is designed to prepare students for a career in law, education, politics and governance. The program provides the know-how on key political and administrative dynamics (public policy analysis, political relations, public finance and administrative techniques).
AB Development Studies is offered to provide the students the necessary knowledge and skills in international development studies and business, and project development. It enables students to look into current practices, issues and trends and come up with policy recommendations for development. The main objective is to train students to become skilled development practitioners.
AB Community Development program broadens the student’s perspective and enhance effectiveness in the applications of scientific knowledge to alleviate socio-economic problems. The program aims to sharpen heuristic, problem-solving, leadership and managerial skills of students such as: identifying expressions of the total (holistic or systems) development of the community); defining and illustrating with specific local situations the guiding concepts, principles and philosophy underlying community development, specifically in the context of the Church; identifying appropriate participatory approaches in community development work and developing knowledge, strategies and skills in social planning/action, community management, monitoring and evaluation, among others.

Faculty and Staff


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Agreement between Employer and Student pdf
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Social Sciences Department
2nd Floor, SBC Building
DLSU - Dasmariñas
Cavite, Philippines 4115

For questions and inquiries:
email the SSD Secretariat

Cavite +63 (46) 481.1900 local 3070
Manila +63 (2) 779.5180