Student Welfare and Formation Office (SWAFO)

The Student Welfare and Formation Office (SWAFO) is in charge of the enforcement of student discipline policies, rules and regulations as stipulated in the Student Handbook.

VISION - Student Welfare and Formation Office (SWAFO) aims to share holistic formation of students for an upright and godly life, in words, deeds, relationship with the community and the environment, guiding them to be disciplined and excellent students, patriotic, and God- fearing professionals in the future.

MISSION - The SWAFO is an active unit of the Office of Student Services (OSS) tasked to maintain student discipline under the inspiration of St. La Salle’s vision – mission and enlightened with the Lasallian core values of Faith, Zeal, and Communion. GOALS

  • S tudent - centered
  • W illing to serve
  • A dvocating student formation
  • F air at all tmes
  • O bedient to the policy implementation

Prescribed Uniform

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DLSU-D Prescribed Uniform


Formation Program

  1. Formation Program shall be offered to students who committed a MAJOR OFFENSE, whether s/he is currently enrolled, has already transferred to another school or has already graduated from this University.
  2. ONLY students who have served / finished their sanctions (either suspension or alternative sanction) are qualified to apply.
  3. Interested applicants, who fall under items #1 and #2, may VISIT the office and ENLIST themselves (names and contact numbers) for the seminar, through the SWAFO Desk Officer , from the first day of classes until the date of the1st meeting.
  4. During the 1st Meeting, all applicants must submit the following:
    1. Certificate of Registration (COR) – to serve as reference for student’s class schedule
    2. ***Letter of Intent (LOI) – to state applicant’s interest to be a part of the Formation Program
    3. Certificate of Completion – to be secured from SWAFO c/o the Secretary upon completion of sanction
  5. The Formation Program is composed of five (5) sessions, which shall be held once a month. The first four (4) sessions shall be scheduled based on the common vacant time of the participants. The final session shall be held for one whole day and is usually scheduled after the final examination week.
  6. All participants are expected to:
    1. Secure, fill-out and submit this Application Form, together with all of the requirements stated in item #4, during the 1st meeting of the Formation Program.
    2. Complete all sessions of the program to become qualified to secure a Certificate of Good Moral Character.
    3. Inform SWAFO, through the Education Section, ahead of time in case of a conflict with the scheduled session. A letter of explanation should be addressed to the SWAFO Director, through the Education Section, subject for approval.
    4. NOTE: Only those with approved letters shall be allowed to continue with the program. In the absence of the approved letter, failure to attend in one (1) session of the program shall mean forfeiture of the opportunity to complete the sessions within the said semester. Thus, the student would have to wait for the next set of meetings of the Formation Program, which shall be held the following semester.
    5. Be punctual in attending all the sessions of the program. Tardiness, without a valid reason, might be considered an absence.

  7. Relative to item #6 letter C, an attendee who submitted a letter of explanation and was approved by the SWAFO Director shall be given a SPECIAL TASK.
  8. Participants may only be allowed to be absent ONCE.
  9. In case the participant failed to attend the final session, s/he will be allowed to attend the next batch, provided, a letter of explanation why s/he was not able to attend the said session should be submitted to the SWAFO Director. S/he will be enjoined to attend the first meeting of the next batch.
  10. A student can only be given the chance to attend and complete the sessions of the Formation Program ONCE.
  11. After completing the Formation Program and upon the recommendation of the Education Section, with the approval of the SWAFO Director, the student can already secure his/her Certificate of Good Moral Character.
  12. Failure to submit any of the requirements for the entire duration of the program shall result to the withholding of the Certificate of Good Moral Character.
  13. In the event a student commits any offense after attending the program, his/her opportunity to secure a Certificate of Good Moral Character shall be forfeited.
    ***Instructions on how to create the Letter of Intent (LOI)
    The LOI shall contain the following:
  1. Date
  2. Addressed to the SWAFO Director
  3. Salutation
  4. Body of the letter (willingness to attend the FP)
  5. Complimentary close
  6. Printed name and signature
  7. Contact number

Peer Assistance Program

PAP is composed of bona fide students of DLSU-D who shall serve as affiliates of SWAFO in promoting a harmonious relationship between the students and the Student Formators. They shall serve as role models in upholding proper discipline to eventually lead students to learn, re-learn and unlearn, by being keen observers of any untoward incidents, issues and/or concerns within the university premises and report them to the office for appropriate action.

Students who may apply as members of PAP are:
  1. Volunteer students
  2. Successful Formation Program participants
  3. Students with probationary status
PAP shall be handled by the same committee that handles the Formation Program for Students. Under the said committee, the PAP members shall be categorized into three (3) groups:
  1. Program Planning
    They shall conceptualize the programs and activities for the group for the entire school year.
  2. Ways and Means
    They shall be responsible for all the logistics needed in every activity or project.
  3. Finance
    They shall course through all financial needs of the program to the SWAFO Director, and in case the available budget is insufficient, they shall formulate alternative means to make sure that plans* are pursued.
*Plans shall be subject for discussion and final approval of the SWAFO Director.

Duties and Responsibilities of a PAP Member:
  1. Attends meetings
    1. A monthly meeting will be convened every first Wednesday of the month
    2. Meeting with the SWAFO Director
    3. Quarterly meetings regarding Structured Learning Experiences
  2. Facilitates minor activities during sessions of Formation Program
  3. Updates the group and the PAP Facilitators on certain issues/concerns or any untoward incidents involving students
  4. Reports at least an hour per week at SWAFO
  5. Creates core groups with fellow students


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This section is under construction.


Student Welfare and Formation Office
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For questions and inquiries:
email us at SWAFO Secretariat

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